177594 – S430V Turbocharger


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Prop 65

<img src=https://iispub.com/p65.png> <b>WARNING:</b> Cancer and Reproductive Harm – <a href=http://www.P65Warnings.ca.gov target=_blank>www.P65Warnings.ca.gov</a>



Core Charge

A Core Charge applies to this part. For more information <a href=https://borgwarner-turbos.com/core-charge-policy>CLICK HERE</a>

OEM Cross-Reference Numbers

174124, 174125, 174210, 174211, 174744, 175465, 175466, 175469, 477594, 631GC5171AM5, 631GC5171AM5X, 631GC5171AM6, 631GC5171AM6X, 631GC5171M5, 631GC5171M5X, 631GC5171M6, 631GC5171M6X, 631GC5176AM12, 631GC5176AM12X, 631GC5176AM7, 631GC5176AM7X, 631GC5176AM8, 631GC5176AM8X, 631GC5176BM12, 631GC5176BM12X, 631GC5176BM7, 631GC5176BM7X, 631GC5176BM8, 631GC5176BM8X, 631GC5176CM12, 631GC5176CM12X, 631GC5176CM7, 631GC5176CM7X, 631GC5176CM8, 631GC5176CM8X, 631GC5176DM12, 631GC5176DM12X, 631GC5176DM7, 631GC5176DM8, 631GC5176DM8X, 631GC5176EM12, 631GC5176EM12X, 631GC5176EM7, 631GC5176EM7X, 631GC5176EM8, 631GC5176EM8X, 631GC5176M12, 631GC5176M12X, 631GC5176M7, 631GC5176M7X, 631GC5176M8, 631GC5176M8X


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